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Your Due Diligence Ensures Safe Travels with an Air Brake Z Endorsement

Malfunctioning brakes are a vehicle’s most common mechanical problem and the biggest threat to road safety. Large trucks, buses, motor homes and other RVs are all fitted with air brakes, which require proper inspection before heading out on the road. In order to drive a vehicle fitted with air brakes in Ontario, you need a valid Air Brake Z Endorsement. Through in-class and hands-on training, this comprehensive two-day program will prepare you to safely and expertly test your vehicle’s air brake system to ensure safe operation and recognize when repairs are needed. Successful theory and practical testing earns you a valid Air Brake Z Endorsement.

Course Outline


Critical to ensuring safe vehicle operation, we’ll start by discussing the different components of an air brake system. Next, you’ll gain an understanding of how an air brake system functions in your vehicle.


Here’s where we will show you how to properly inspect air brakes to determine whether they are in good working order, and how to detect when a repair is needed.


In a practical setting, you will learn how to thoroughly test a vehicle’s air brake system; then demonstrate your knowledge and skills. This protects you and other drivers when your vehicle is out on the road. This also prepares you in the event your vehicle is inspected while you are travelling.


Once you have completed in-class and practical, hands-on training, you’ll be well equipped for a successful Air Brake Z Endorsement.


Applicants must be 18 years of age and must possess a valid Ontario Class “G” licence


Thank you for your interest in this workshop. This workshop will be delivered to fit the specific needs of your group. Please contact us so we can discuss options for delivering this course at a time and place that is most convenient for your team.

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