Course Description

Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps is intended to introduce workers to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). This training program is focused on the health and safety rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers and is a general introduction to workplace health and safety. This training program is for general awareness of rights and responsibilities and does not, in any way, replace specific workplace health and safety training.

Who Should Attend?
Any employee who meets the definition of worker under the Act.

Course Outline


  • Describe why they are important to workplace health and safety and where they fit in the internal responsibility system by describing their roles, responsibilities and how these relate to the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and employers.


The right to know

  • Explain that they have the right to know about workplace hazards and how to work safely, using the most common hazards, WHMIS and occupational disease as examples.
  • Find information on how to work safely by talking to their employer or supervisor and by being informed about the workplace health and safety policy and procedures.


The right to participate

  • Give examples of ways that they can participate in health and safety in their workplace, such as being a role model to their co-workers, becoming a health and safety representative or a joint health and safety committee member, and participating in training.
  • Find out who their health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee members are by seeing the information posted in their workplace or by asking their supervisor or employer.
  • Talk to co-workers about safe practices in the workplace


The right to refuse unsafe work and where to go for help

  • Explain that they can ask or go to see their supervisor or employer, health and safety representative or joint health and safety committee member when they need help with health and safety.
  • Understand that if they believe their health and safety is at risk, they can refuse unsafe work.
  • Explain that their employer cannot threaten, fire or dismiss them for exercising their health and safety rights or for asking their employer or supervisor to do what the OHSA says they must do.
  • Name other places that they can go to get more information or help regarding workplace health and safety, including the health and safety associations, the Ministry of Labour and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Thank you for your interest in this workshop. This workshop will be delivered to fit the specific needs of your group. Please contact us so we can discuss options for delivering this course at a time and place that is most convenient for your team.

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