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Leading in the Post-COVID Business Environment

The increased complexity and rate of change in the last decade will continue into the 2020's. The COVID-19 event serves as a potent illustration of how fast major change can occur in a heavily connected world. Unprecedented global connectivity fuels hyper-accelerated technological advancement, that at times, is out-pacing the speed of decision making in most organizations. This can result in “dead on arrival” projects and raise tough questions from shareholders, customers and the community.

Leaders must make highly complex decisions long before concrete data can bring the full picture into focus. If the leaders wait for a full picture to crystalize, their organization becomes a follower and a practitioner of someone else’s “best practices.”

This training event will highlight the profound difference between “Leaders and Managers,” and how their synergy can increase organizational adaptability, and the ability to drive rapid change. The 2020’s will require a new vision that drives discipline and focus. Effective leaders will need to leverage the aggregate of their organization’s skills to create the type of value that customers are willing to pay for. Leaders will learn the top 5 areas of excellence required to move any organization from a surviving mindset to a thriving culture.

Course Outline

Module 1: The New Business Environment Requires New Vision

Resources are limited; know what to say "Yes" to.

  • Recognizing the complex patterns and opportunities of the “Post COVID Business Environment."
  • Identify how your team can create value in the “New Environment."
  • Strategize from the aggregate of the organization's core competencies to form your competitive position.
  • Enabling change through vision and self-discipline.

Module 2: Optimized Organizations vs. Silos of "Efficiency"

Organizational effectiveness is more valuable than efficiency. How to avoid being great at something that your customers no longer care about.

  • Why business divisions cause "division."
  • Why traditional performance management methods fail.
  • Making a strategic plan that is actually strategic and not a "checkmark."
  • Three Pillars of Strategic Success.
  • Harmonizing "Leaders and Managers" to avoid ambiguity between roles.

Module 3: Leading Value Creation in the 2020's

Leading out of a crisis and transitioning from a "surviving" mindset to a "thriving" culture.

  • Enabling rich dialogue that ignites new thinking and new opportunities.
  • Gaining perspective and leading with a culture of honour and respect.
  • Leveraging emerging ideas verses leaning on past practices.
  • Six triggers of innovation.

Module 4: Customer Experience Management (CEM) 

CEM is a key leadership discipline and will determine the rise or fall of the business.

  • How the "Satisfied Customer" leads to a slow death of the organization.
  • Keeping your customers and inspiring advocacy
  • Why variations and inconsistency is the number one driver of customer dissatisfaction.
  • How to discover the new knowledge that enables continuous improvement and business growth.

Module 5: Leadership

Leaders make change and enable others to create value for the organization.

  • Leadership mindset: effective leaders work "ON" the business.
  • Enabling managers and employees to work efficiently "IN" the business.
  • Preparing the next generation of leaders.
  • The relationship between self-discipline, vision and leadership.

This virtual event runs from 8:30am-12:00pm over three days. Once the registration process is complete, a member of our team will provide you with a link to access the virtual training event.




Thank you for your interest in this workshop. This workshop will be delivered to fit the specific needs of your group. Please contact us so we can discuss options for delivering this course at a time and place that is most convenient for your team.

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