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Since 1998 Durham College Corporate Training Services has been a leader in advanced & innovative eLearning solutions because sometimes live just isn’t possible.

With what’s happening in the world we are seeing many changes and one will be the increase in the acceptance of high-quality distance learning to replace live classroom training. We have the ability to create this level of training for your organization without incurring any travel costs, so despite our Toronto-based location, this is a national service offering.

We are one of the pioneers in highly interactive distance learning in the country and are ideally suited to help you remotely develop your courses and deliver them to your organization or your clientele.

eLearn should not be the “consolation” prize to great learning, so, we place engagement as the single most important element of our eLearning solutions, and, we have done so for more than twenty years. This is a philosophy as much as it is a strategy, and it’s our brand promise. Engagement Guaranteed.

We have had more than two decades to experiment, learn and adapt, which has brought us to the conviction that engagement is by far the most critical element of our success. We coined the term “entertrainment” more than twenty years ago because entertaining (engagement) is critical in today’s eLearning. Advanced eLearning maintains engagement similar to live training.

We work with your organization as a training consultant to examine the bigger picture and make strategic training recommendations based on each individual company. Once we have the needs, our senior course designers will work with our creative teams to create the necessary training assets and determine the ideal methods of delivery such as instructor led webinar, interactive videos, asynchronous eLearn and self-paced formal distance learning, to name a few. We can even take your boring PowerPoint slides and upgrade them to high end graphic presentations that are sure to impress your clients or your own staff at your next company gathering or online event.

CTS has full video capture capability, including a full portable studio, professional “TV Grade” on-camera hosts, a vibrant writers community, great creative graphics and animation team, multiple editors, and professionally trained camera and media personnel.

We have prepared a free sampler that demonstrates our engagement levels, which we would like you to compare to your current offerings. If your organization would like to migrate some of their live face-to-face training to something more cost effective than live training but better that traditional low budget “read and click” point based training then we can help. Our clients attest that our overall costs in terms of investment versus actual learning is excellent.

Please watch the short 5-minute sample eLearn to see our group in action.

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